NOKTA is a public accountant company rendering service to both local and global firms. Our company provide Consultancy, Accountancy, Payrolling, Tax and Advisory Services adding value to its customers thanks to the sector-oriented and skillful professionals having comprehensive knowledge in its field. NOKTA renders customer-oriented services to corporate and international companies in Aegean and Mediterranean regions primarily Izmir. NOKTA which has been in the continuous growth trend has attached importance to meet the different requests of the firms in different industries and renewed and developed itself continuously since it was founded. Following the technological innovations required by the era it has increased service quality.


Benefits of outsourcing vary up to the structure of organization. Thanks to outsourcing you may focus previously on your business and leave the transactions other than your main business field to an expert team. Nokta has been specialized in rendering service to international foreign-invested companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses. It offers right results with its innovative and solution-oriented point of view which it brings to accounting system as well as flexible reporting options that it offers to the companies. When you decide to make business in Turkey, Nokta follow all transactions for you and provide turn-key solutions.


We, as being NOKTA, know that, the most important role is played by the persons to establish affective and long term relations. We believe that the human factor takes over the key role for long term relations. We have built an experienced team having sector-specific information and open to personal contact to perform a compatible study with you.
You will have an experienced permanent staff who are all responsible against I. Burak OGUZ for all important matters as a tax team. Furthermore, you will be supplied a service as proactive and secure that is directed by a responsible partner who is familiar to your enterprise model.

NOKTA, İzmir ağırlıklı olmak üzere, EGE ve AKDENİZ bölgesinde kurumsal ve uluslararası şirketlere müşteri odaklı hizmet vermektedir.
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